Strategy and policy Development Head


Date: 01/4/2024

Reference: [No. 01/2024]

Location: Egypt

Type: Full time

Department: Strategy & Policy Development

Category: Member Countries


  •  Bachelor’s degree in engineering, economics, business, or related field.
  •  Master’s degree in a Economics, Public Policy, Energy Policy is a plus.

Work experience:

  •  Minimum 12 years of professional experience in strategic planning, market analysis, or policy development within the energy sector- 5 years Minimum in a managerial position.
  •  Work Experience with policy makers and high-level international organizations. ▪ Proven track record in managing the production of strategic reports and policy documents.
  • Proven track record of leading and managing a team of professionals in a multicultural environment .
  • Extensive knowledge of regional and global energy markets, as well as international energy policies and regulations .
  • Experience in representing an organization at the international level and engaging with a variety of stakeholders, including government representatives, industry leaders, and international bodies

General abilities and skills:

Strategic Vision and Leadership:

▪ Ability to guide the Strategy & Policy Development department towards achieving EMGF's strategic goals.

▪ Strong leadership skills to inspire and direct a team effectively.

Analytical and Critical Thinking:

▪ Expertise in analyzing complex market data and translating it into actionable strategic insights and policies.

▪ Ability to think critically about long-term market trends and policy implications.

Policy Development:

▪ In-depth understanding of policy-making processes, with the ability to craft comprehensive policy frameworks that support energy market stability and sustainable growth.

Energy Transition Knowledge:

▪ Familiarity with innovative technologies and practices aimed at reducing environmental impact within the gas industry.

▪ Commitment to incorporating energy transition goals into strategic planning.

Stakeholder Engagement:

.▪ Skilled in engaging with diverse stakeholders to gather insights and build consensus around strategic initiatives. ▪ Excellent interpersonal and networking abilities.

Communication Skills:

▪ Exceptional writing and presentation skills, with the capacity to communicate complex information to a variety of audiences, including governing bodies and industry experts.

Market Analysis:

▪ Proficient in conducting market analyses, forecasting, and competitive landscape assessments to inform strategic decisions.

Project Management:

▪ Demonstrated ability to oversee multiple projects, including the production of key reports and strategic documents, ensuring timely completion and high-quality output.

Mentorship and Team Development:

▪ Commitment to mentoring team members and fostering their professional growth, with a focus on excellence and continuous improvement.


▪ Capability to adjust strategies and policies in response to new market developments and organizational needs


  1. Drive the organization’s strategic planning and ensure alignment with EMGF's mission and strategic goals.
  2. Facilitate the translation of strategic plans into actionable and operational policies and programs.
  3. Lead the analysis of the regional gas markets, including supply and demand dynamics, price trends, and competitive landscape assessments.
  4.  Provide strategic insights that inform the development of market strategies and policy recommendations.
  5.  Drive the integration of energy transition goals into EMGF's strategic planning, with a focus on innovative technologies and practices that reduce environmental impact.
  6.  Collaborate with member countries and industry leaders to promote sustainable energy policies and initiatives.
  7.  Develop policy frameworks that support energy market stability and growth, aligned with environmental sustainability goals.
  8.  Advocate for and represent EMGF’s policy positions at international engagements, forums, and discussions.
  9.  Cultivate strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including member countries, industry experts, and international organizations.
  10.  Engage with stakeholders to gather input for strategic planning and policy development.
  11. Generate strategic reports, including market analyses, policy proposals, and progress on energy transition initiatives.
  12.  Communicate complex market insights and strategic plans to a variety of audiences, including the EMGF governing bodies.
  13.  Oversee the production of the EMGF’s key reports, including the EMGF Annual Report, Advocacy Plan, and Initiatives submissions reports.
  14. Lead the Strategy & Policy Development team, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement.
  15. Mentor and develop team members, ensuring they are equipped to contribute to strategic initiatives and policy formulation.
  16.  Carry out any other tasks assigned by the secretary General as pertaining to his/her background qualifications and position


EMGF Member Countries Nationality


  • This position is open for nomination only. Please approach the Executive Board member of your respective Member Country for the application submission .

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving your nomination submitted by your Member Country.

For Application Please contact your Country EB Member through the following emails