Upon the EMGF Ministerial Meeting resolution in December 2022 with the formation of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), to facilitate synergies between technological development, the regulatory and business environment, and the Ministerial mandate to the EB to establish a task force to develop and prepare a full detailed document concerning the structure, role, priorities and work mechanism of the proposed committee and to be agreed by the EB Members. The EMGF Secretariat in coordination with Cyprus (as initiator of the STAC idea) and the other EMGF Member Countries moved forward with the mandate in this regard, in order to kick off the STAC activities as soon as possible.

the RAAC input in the report on the ongoing study of “Development of a Harmonized Carbon Abatement Framework for Natural Gas in the East Mediterranean”, as a key stakeholder in this area.

Therefore, a proposal for the STAC Rules and Procedures was drafted by the EMGF Secretariat, which was then circulated to the EMGF Members to collect their views on it. Six coordination meetings were held between the nominated Focal Points from the EMGF Members, and the formed Taskforce agreed on a final drat for the document in June 2023.

The STAC Rules and Procedures mainly incorporate the STAC objective, scope of work, STAC Chairperson and VC appointment, STAC Secretariat, Membership and Participation procedure.