EMGF SG Mobarez participates in a panel in the EU Pavilion at COP28


EMGF SG Osama Mobarez participated in a panel in the EU Pavilion at COP28 titled " Methane emissions abatement: international cooperation and new business opportunities".

The event brought together high-level representatives of from governments, industry, international organizations and financial institutions to discuss the challenges and opportunities of abating methane emissions in the energy sector.

During the event SG highlighted that the EMGF core objective is cooperating and strengthening regional integration, and that we started by collaboration to develop gas resources and accelerate supplies, and now we are doing this in a more responsible and climate conscious way.

In addition, SG Mobarez mentioned that the EMGF launched a decarbonization initiative during COP27, and that it outlines  plans for projects and policies and identifies 5 main roles for the EMGF in this regard, and affirmed that addressing methane emissions requires incremental enhancements, economically advantageous amid high global gas prices.