SG Mobarez participates in the IISS Manama Dialouge 2023


EMGF Secretary General Osama Mobarez participated in the IISS Manama Dialouge 2023, that was held in Bahrain from 17–19 November. The IISS Manama Dialogue has been a unique forum that enables government ministers and policymakers, as well as members of the expert, opinion-forming and business communities, to debate the Middle East’s most pressing foreign-policy, defence and security challenges. 

SG Mobarez participated in a session titled " The new politics of energy security" along side with SG Jasem Albudaiwi- Secretary General, Gulf Cooperation Council, Mr. Amos Hochstein- Deputy Assistant and Senior Advisor to the President for Energy and Investment, US and Dr Thanos Dokos- National Security Advisor, Greece, and chaired by Dr Bastian Giegerich, Director-General and Chief Executive, IISS.

During the session, SG Mobarez addressed the ongoing global energy challenges, emphasizing the importance of regional integration, climate change mitigation and low carbon gas supply. "The EMGF with 8 Member Countries and 38 Member Companies is committed to fostering regional cooperation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a reliable supply of low carbon gas to meet global energy demands" said SG Mobarez




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