SG Mobarez during the Economist Impact - 27th Annual Government Roundtable : EMGF aligning with global efforts to mitigate environmental impact and reduce energy costs


EMGF Secretary General Osama Mobarez participated in the Economist Impact - 27th Annual Government Roundtable that took  place in Athens from October 24th-26th 2023.

Together with H.E. Theodoros Skylakakis, Minister of Environment and Energy, Greece and George Tsunis, US ambassador to the Hellenic Republic along with other Key Representatives from the Business sector, SG Mobarez participated in a Rouindtable titled “The Energy Landscape in South-Eastern Europe” during which the participants discussed how the Eastern Mediterranean is fostering regional cooperation through initiatives like the 3+1 alliance, aiming to enhance collaboration amid geopolitical challenges.

EMGF SG Mobarez highlighted how the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) has taken significant strides in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and ensuring reliable energy supplies. The primary goal was to enhance energy provisions while upholding a responsible, low-carbon approach. Adding that what sets the efforts apart was the ability to unite not only governments but also industry stakeholders, international oil companies (IOCs), financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. He clarified that this inclusive approach demonstrates the commitment to fostering collaboration across various sectors, paving the way for sustainable solutions in the face of global energy and environmental challenges.

They session emphasized how the energy security is a key focus with the region playing a vital role in Europe's energy stability, and how the strategic alliances are being forged to maximize the potential of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Balkans, promising shared prosperity and enhanced cooperation.

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