Energy Transition & New Tech. Professional


Date: 11/4/2023

Reference: [No. 01/2023]

Location: Egypt

Type: Full time

Department: Strategy & Policy Development

Category: Member Countries

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in energy or relevant engineering field. Professional certification in energy transition, energy efficiency and modelling is a plus.
  • Experience: Minimum 12 years of diversified experience in the field of energy transition and energy technologies in the gas field.
  • Language: Excellent command of English (Read, write and understand) & capabilities in drafting comprehensive reports .


  • Objective of Post
    The Energy transition and new technology Professional will identify energy transition initiatives & monitors new technology to reduce emission around the value chain. He/she will be responsible to Analyse received data in terms of EMGF’s progress throughout the year and market insights.
  • Key Duties & Responsibilities
    1. Assess current carbon footprint & consolidate member country’s environmental objectives.
    2. Develop a high-level assessment of levers for abatement and related technology cost for intervention (at macro level).
    3. Estimate potential for emissions abatement and assess policies and regulations for natural gas decarbonization along all the Member Countries.
    4. Assess the Member Country current status and design and develop strategic direction for the Member Countries along the resolution pillars.
    5. Develop “Natural Gas Decarbonization in the East Med region” report with an initial emission baselining.
    6. Define current status understanding over environmental objectives and develop potential Decarbonization pathways to all members.
    7. Identify alternative tech. such as CCS & alternative uses such as blue hydrogen & explore further opp. to contribute to energy transition.
    8. Assess opportunities for clean technologies to decarbonize natural gas operations.
    9. Produce and present to all Member Countries an emissions baseline report, along with a projected emissions scenario evolution.
    10. Develop comparative analysis over Member Countries’ nat. gas related targets and identify main areas of difference.
    11. Define major areas of criticality to reach net-zero (or accomplish their carbon related targets) in the natural gas sector- identifying levers to address major challenges.
    12. Research, collect and analyse publicly available data on current and expected technologies evolution for nat. gas Scope 1 & 2 emissions abatement.
    13. Develop a study on potential technological opportunities to further reduce/capture Scope 1 & 2 emissions.
    14. Develop evaluation of the economic and technical viability for development of blue hydrogen resource, estimating capital requirements and business model adjustments needed.
    15. Summarize and present a study for blue hydrogen demand potential and eco/tech viability.
    16. Carry out any other tasks assigned by the secretary General and/or the Strategy & Policy Development Head as pertaining to his/her background qualifications and position.
  • Salary & Benefits Information:
  • Competitive Salary plus allowances and benefits (including Housing Allowance, Education Allowance, Medical Insurance, participation in Forums’ saving scheme, etc.)


EMGF Member Countries Nationality


  • This position is open for nomination only. Please approach the Executive Board member of your respective Member Country for the application submission .

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving your nomination submitted by your Member Country.

For Application Please contact your Country EB Member through the following emails