4th EMGF Gas Industry Advisory Committee Meeting – December 8th, 2020


The 4th GIAC meeting was held virtually on 8th December 2020 discussing the subcommittees activities for 2021 as well as the GIAC roadmap and the consolidated subcommittees work plans.

The GIAC Chairman highlighted the proposal of a framework for the Regulatory Authorities interested to join the forum, that will be presented to the HLWG in the upcoming period.

Once the Framework will be endorsed by the HLWG, the proposed cooperation mechanism between the New Regulatory Body and the GIAC will be discussed with the GIAC Members in order to operationalize the cooperation activities.

The meeting also witnessed the announcement of a new GIAC vice chairman in accordance to what was agreed during the GIAC 2nd meeting held on the 14th January 2020, and that the GIAC vice chairman role will rotate between the GIAC members annually following the alphabetical order, the GIAC Chairman announced that Bechtel will be the GIAC Vice Chairman for year 2021 starting January 2021 following British Petroleum.