5th EMGF High Level Working Group Meeting – January 15th, 2020 – Cairo – Egypt


The 5th EMGF High Level Working Group (HLWG) meeting took place on the 15th of January 2020 in the EMGF headquarters in Cairo, just before the 3rd EMGF Ministerial Meeting.

The meeting was led by Egypt and attended by the EMGF High Level Working Group (HLWG) representatives from the governments of Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and Palestine, in addition to guest participants from the European Union and the World Bank.

The meeting discussed some final amendments on the forum’s Statute, in order to agree on a final draft for the document to be initialed by the EMGF Member Countries Ministers in the 3rd EMGF Ministerial Meeting planned to take place on the following day, 16th January 2020.

Gaffney, Cline and Associates (GCA), the consultant assigned for the ongoing “Master Concept for a Phased Infrastructure Corridor” study, joined the meeting and presented to the HLWG the initial results of the study which affirmed the importance of the regional cooperation between all of the EMGF Member Countries through the utilization of their joint infrastructure and the increase of the trade exchange between them.