Energy connect follow up interview during Gastech with Secretary General H.E. Osama Mobarez


During Gastech, Energy Connect conducted a follow up interview with EMGF SG H.E. Osama Mobarez on 6th September 2022 to talk about the latest updates and the ongoing projects and activities of the EMGF.
H.E. Mobarez during the interview discussed that due to the current geopolitical situation this has somehow emphasized the founding purpose of the EMGF which is the importance of cooperation. H.E. ensured that the EMGF is one of the key solutions for Europe to diversify its gas supply and talked about the MOU signed between Egypt, Israel and EU in that domain
H.E. proceeded with identifying the EMGF projects and efforts concerning decarbonization and energy transition process in light of the upcoming COP27 that Egypt will host. Then gave us a brief about the series of strategic leadership roundtables that the EMGF hosts and finally praised all team efforts done within the EMGF and is looking forward to engaging with main energy partners for further cooperation especially during the upcoming EGYPS next February.