H.E. Zafer Milhem

Chairman of the Palestinian Energy & Natural Resources Authority

• Born in Jerusalem - Palestine 1965

• Lives in Ramallah

• Zafer Milhem is the Chairman of the Palestinian Energy & Natural Resources Authority (PENRA) since 01/2017, and one of the founders of PENRA in 1995.

• For many years he worked as Deputy Chairman and Projects General Manager at PENRA, during which he bore primary responsibility for overall management of all project and defined the main objectives and strategies.

• Also, he was the founder and CEO of the Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Council (PERC) from 2010 to 2013 during which he had developed PERC’s by law and other energy regulatory regulations and instructions. During his term the first unified tariff was issued.

• In 1999, he worked as Project Technical Director for the energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas reduction project funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

• This project had contributed to transform the Palestinian market to be more efficient by marketing energy efficient appliances and lighting fixtures. In 1993 he worked in Dubai, UAE as Electrical Engineer / Head of Maintenance and Workshop Section at Dubai Municipality.

• In 1992 Zafer Milhem Graduated from California State University Sacramento, USA, Masters of Science / Electrical Engineering.


Eng. Abdul Hadi Barakat

Director of the Regulatory and Policy Unit at the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority

• Having more than 20 years of experience project management, policy making and leadership roles in the Energy and Telecom and Energy, coupled with my unwavering commitment to driving sustainable development and positive change.

• Working since 2017 up to now as the Director of PENRA's Projects Management Unit, I manage a diverse portfolio of energy sector projects, fostering valuable relationships with donors, ensuring meticulous project planning and execution, and effectively navigating regulatory landscapes. Worked in the Telecom Sector in big firms in Palestine, Jawwal, Paltel and BCI in senior positions.

• Furthermore, my experience extends to governance and regional cooperation, where I currently serve as a Board Member of the Northen Electricity Distribution Company the Liquidity Support Fund and as EB member of the EMGF representing Palestine.