Non-Members Relations Specialist








Full time


Communication & International Affairs

Closing Date

16/06/2023 23:59


Member Countries

Job Description

  • Objective of Post
    Maintains relations with external institutions, policy makers, and potential partners. Ensures high-level of productivity through maintaining direct communication channels with Non-member organizations, studying new Partnerships opportunities, new funders, new members, and new external funders.
  • Key Duties & Responsibilities
    1. Compile and prepare Market surveys for the potential partners and external new funders to be presented to the Secretary General for approval at the end of every year.
    2. Encourage membership with other multiple organizations and function as primary point of contact for EMGF.
    3. Proactively collaborate with external institutions, organizations, and potential partners to identify business opportunities that have a development impact on EMGF
    4. Investigate and evaluate current external relations issues and concerns and develop recommendations and solutions that support EMGF external relations.
    5. Develop and nurture relationships with external stakeholders, including individuals, organizations, and partners not directly affiliated with our organization. Serve as a primary point of contact for these stakeholders and ensure their needs and concerns are addressed professionally and promptly.
    6. Develop an investment value proposition brochure- highlighting sector attractiveness.
    7. Coordinate with the Member Relations specialist to review membership trends and fluctuations.
    8. Assist in identifying and securing resources, such as funding, in-kind support, and collaborative opportunities, from non-member stakeholders to support the organization’s programs and initiatives.
    9. Effectively manage all records from all external organisations on a timely basis.
    10. Participate in Planning and implementation of events designed to maximize awareness of EMGF activities to maximize non-member relations opportunities and cooperation.
    11. Develop relationships with non- members, reach out to non-member event guests prior to and during events to encourage membership and facilitate member contributions.
    12. Coordinate with international affairs and communication staff to promote events.
    13. Follow-up appropriately after each event with attendees for cultivation and foreseen cooperation purposes.
    14. Oversee non-Members entities for revenue generation opportunities.
    15. Study EMGF Scope enlargement and development opportunities externally.
    16. Communicate with the concerned non-member communities and deliver the message of the EMGF’s commitment to social responsibility and community outreach.
    17. Identify suitable investment opportunities and develop dedicated content to inform potential private sector partners over investment opportunities.
    18. Assist in Planning, organizing, and managing promotional business/social events on behalf of EMGF to non- member organizations to ensure the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly.
    19. Research & identify potential investors and develop dedicated content to approach them.
    20. Dialogue w. institutions / policy makers, develop partnerships & participate in relevant forums.
    21. Cover all non-member communication under one division and help serve the Advocacy and Engagement objectives.
  • Salary & Benefits Information:

    Competitive Salary plus allowances and benefits (including Housing Allowance, Education
    Allowance, Medical Insurance, participation in Forums’ saving scheme, etc.)


EMGF Member Countries Nationality

How to Apply:

  • This position is open for nomination only. Please approach the Executive Board member of your respective Member Country for the application submission .

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving your nomination submitted by your Member Country.